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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Never Underestimate the Power of the Cuddle Factor #Pets #Dogs

Sometimes all you need is a good dog hug. You know what I'm talking about--you've had a really bad day, everything that could go wrong did, and your pup leans into you in that way only a dog can that says, "You are the most awesome human being on the planet and I love you."

The past year has been really tough on me. I hit rock bottom. Until this year, I actually never realized what "rock bottom" meant... now I know and it's been a nightmare. My dogs have literally saved my life.

When I felt like giving up, they'd cuddle against me and look at me as if reassuring me that they had faith in me to take care of them, to get us out of this bad situation.

When I'd cry, they'd drop a ball at my feet and wag their tails in anticipation of fun. And you know what? I'd laugh and play.

Pets live in the moment. Their love is unconditional. A simple wag of a tail can lift your spirits. A cuddle can mean the difference between despair and hope.

A few months ago, I broke down. The insanity of 2016 had finally taken a toll and I didn't know what more to do to turn things around. Moose (the dog above with the stuffed animal) came up to me, wrapped her paws around my neck, and leaned hard against me. She's a sensitive soul, an earth angel. I hugged her tight and cried--she felt like the only friend I had at the moment and her affection steadied me.

No one can ever tell me that dogs are "just animals." I refuse to believe it.

I've been blessed with many dogs in my life. The two pictured above are puppies--Willy is two years old and Moose is three. Before them I had a yellow lab named Taz who died at 12 and an Australian Shepherd who died at 11--I'd had them from the time they were a few months old until they died in my arms. They were there when the kids were babies and when my husband died--Taz and Dusty were the dogs who shaped my children's lives. Willy and Moose are the dogs who are part of my empty nest period, the dogs who will see me through the next chapter of my life, who will walk beside me no matter what.

That's the thing with dogs...they hang in there no matter what. A lot of humans can't say the same thing.

RIP Dusty--July 3, 2003 to May 12, 2015

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