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Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Kiss is Never Just a Kiss #SecondChance #Romance #MyScintillatigSunday

Excerpt of the romantic suspense novel, Kiss Me Slowly...diamond smuggling, conspiracy, murder under Florida Keys' sunshine...

“I am not your anything.” 

“You’re my something, I just can’t figure out what.” His gaze dipped to her mouth. 

“Don’t do this.”

“Do what?” Mouth a fraction from hers, he smiled. 

“Do not kiss me.” The bagel slipped from her fingers.

“Now why would I do that?” His body pinned her against the counter. His hands circled her neck. “Why would I break one of your rules, especially when I know you secretly want me to?”

“Jonathan…” She touched his bare chest. 

“Grace…” His lips brushed against hers with a tenderness that broke her heart all over again. His mouth tugged on her lower lip until she kissed him back.  “You tricked me,” he whispered against her lips. 

“How so?” Her hands moved to his back beneath the shirt. God, he felt good. She liked him pressing her back like this, liked the feel of his body heavy against her own. 

“I thought you’d changed, but you’re still my Grace.” Before she could protest, he deepened the kiss with his tongue. 

From the back cover...

--> -->
Trapped in a set-up that could have him in jail or dead by Monday, Jonathan Alexander trusts no one in his inner circle. It’s Saturday. His only hope is Grace Dupont, the best forensic accountant in Miami. But there’s a glitch with that idea. She’s also his ex-girlfriend who'd rather watch him drown than throw him a life vest. Going to her feels desperate…because he is.

Grace enjoys seeing Jonathan squirm. On your knees boy, she thinks as he pitches for her help. Always a sucker for the dark-haired-blue-eyed boys, she risks her precariously balanced life of secrets to help him. Helping him slaps a target on her back–she’s the key to proving his innocence and that’s a bad, bad thing.

Tangled up in a whirlwind of conspiracy, murder, million dollar money trails and diamond smuggling, Jonathan and Grace flee to the sea to stall for time to prove his innocence. Romance sizzles beneath Florida Keys’ sunshine. Both scoff at happy endings. Both doubt justice. Both know each kiss could be their last.

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