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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Show Up or Shut Up #AmWriting #Inpsiration

Ideas are cheap. We all have them. As writers, especially, we are always coming up with exciting ideas that get our juices flowing.

But so what?

An idea is nothing without action to support it.

I run several writers' groups and I can testify that ideas usually generate a lot of wild support until it comes down to implementing them. Someone will suggest a group project that would be excellent for cross-promotion on a large scale, but when it comes down to the work, no one shows up. Everyone will agree that an idea is "stellar", but then no one participates to make it happen.

What good is an idea without action? Nothing. Nada.

What good is a dream without a plan? Nothing. Nada.

I don't believe in excuses. I honestly don't. I've known far too many wildly successful people who manage to get things done, take that phone call, add another thing to their to-do list, and still manage to see their son play basketball--yet you're going to tell me that you're too busy? I call bullshit on that.

Stops scrolling through Facebook. Stop gossiping about someone who's actually getting the job done. Stop whining about something being hard. If you add up all the time you waste in a day--and are honest about it--you'd have time to accomplish at least two more things in your day that would drive you toward success.

If you're a cheerleader--someone who wildly supports an idea when you hear it with you're comments about 'let's do it', 'how exciting', and 'sounds perfect'--yet disappear when it's time to step up and actually do something, ask yourself why you ghost.

Don't say it's because you're too busy. You're not. We all have a lot on our agenda, but when opportunity calls, it's time to act.

And I'm not just limiting this to career opportunities either. Has that friend you haven't seen in a year called you and invited you out? Did you say you were too busy only to stay home in your yoga pants watching DVR programs? What is the real reason you didn't show up?

We've become a lazy society where 'showing up' seems like too much effort. Human connection and excitement for life have become almost scary--so we avoid them with excuses or simply disappearing acts.

It's time to show up in your life--both professionally and personally. Shut up about how you're not getting anywhere or feeling stuck and get out there, get involved, and take action.

Write on!
Amber Lea Easton

Amber Lea Easton is a multi-published author of romantic thrillers, contemporary romance, women's fiction, and nonfiction. She also writes five different blogs, volunteers for children's literacy, and advocates for suicide awareness. In addition, she is a professional editor and mother of two extraordinary human beings. She currently lives in a small cabin high in the Rocky Mountains where she is completely aware of how lucky she is. To find out more about her books, please visit http://www.amberleaeaston.com



  1. Wow. This is the hard truth. I totally agree with you. We definitely have somehow gotten into this mindset of just wanting to do nothing but sit back and question why things aren't going our way or wondering why we can't be like so & so. I agree, we are the makers of our destiny. Success doesn't come on a silver platter. It's earned. Its sacrifice, failure, and facing your fears. But we have to endure these things to get to where we want to be. Whether big or small. We've got to "show up" & get things done. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Amber, every post of yours makes me like you and your blog more and more and more!!! Extremely powerful message, I have always wondered about many things from this post myself, and I also wonder what can we do to change that habit in us and in people around us? Thank you for sharing :)
    xx, Kusum | www.sveeteskapes.com