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Sunday, October 25, 2015

When Two Wrongs Definitely Make Everything Right #RomanceNovels #ScintillatingSunday

She can't risk being known--the secrets she hides are deadly
He can't risk letting her slip through his fingers--he's never been afraid of a little danger 
WhiteOut--holiday romance that shatters the mold

Welcome to the Scintillating Sunday Blog Hop where multiple romance and erotic romance authors share snippets of their work. Today we're looking into the romance suspense novel, WhiteOut. 


"I want to take you to dinner," he blurted out, surprising himself as much as her.

She tapped the blade of the machete against her palm and observed him from half-closed eyes. "That's unexpected. Why?"

"You ask that question a lot." He smiled. "Why? Because there is a bet going on about when the two of us will hook up and I'd rather Sheryl win than Jamie."

Tap, tap went the machete.

"I'm sorry, did you say there is a bet going on about us? That's the last thing I expected to hear." She turned, leaving the door open, and walked into her living room where she tossed the weapon onto the coffee table.

"What did you expect me to say?" He shut the door behind him, but kept his gaze locked on her back.

"Oh, I don't know. When a guy asks a woman out it's usually because he thinks she's beautiful or interesting. He usually says something flattering." She faced him, hands on her hips and a smile on her lips. "You're the King of Charm around here, yet you tell me you want to take me out to dinner so someone named Sheryl can win a bet. Not exactly compelling."

He shoved his hands into the back pockets of his jeans and relaxed under her scrutiny. His gaze fell onto her smile and he ached to kiss her again—slowly—and reach beneath her baggy sweater to discover the breasts the loose clothes concealed. "I've been wanting to get you into bed for awhile, but I figured I should ask you to dinner first. I only found out about the bet a few minutes ago. I was already on my way over here when Jamie—he's my foreman and friend—begged me to wait a little longer so he could win."

She laughed, the sound filling the space. Scratching her German Shepherd between the ears, she sat on the wide sofa. "Forget what I said about you being the King of Charm...I am completely wrong."

From the back cover...

She's been erased.

As a protected witness, Brandi Simms has given up everything that made her unique to start over in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Blending into the background isn't easy, but it's vital for survival. When her handsome yet incorrigible neighbor—former Olympic skier turned cowboy—decides her aloof attitude is a challenge rather than a deterrent, she knows the only right thing to do is resist.

The secrets she hides are deadly.

Ryan Landry isn't accustomed to rejection. Three-time Olympic Gold Medalist, he's the local hero who came home to run a ranch and be near his family. The mysterious neighbor who seems content to hang out with dogs rather than humans haunts his fantasies and ignites that competitive drive that led him to the world stage.

He's not one to give up.

When her dangerous past catches up to Brandi, Ryan is determined to break through her secrets to find the truth no matter what the cost. Trapped in a whiteout blizzard with unseen threats lurking in the snow, will they get a chance to create a new beginning or will Brandi's secretsey be the death of them?

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