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Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Sanctuary of His Arms #RomanceNovels #ScintillatingSunday

Sex in an outdoor shower during a tropical storm...
Things are getting complicated as this duo finds love on the run

Welcome to he Scintillating Sunday Blog Hop where multiple romance and erotic romance authors share 8 paragraphs of their novels. Enjoy, Duplicity! 

Excerpt of Duplicity...

"I figured out how to pass the time," he said.

"You have the best ideas." She laced her fingers through the lattice fence at her back and arched her chest toward his, smashing her breasts against him while he devoured her neck with his mouth.

He thrust himself inside her and moaned his satisfaction against her ear.

She linked her ankles behind his thighs, closed her eyes, and lifted her face to the rain pelting them from above. Steam rose from their bodies, the combination of cold versus hot on top of scorching passion created its own heat in the small space. She liked the way he manhandled her and made her feel like the most desired female on earth.

She'd never be able to shower again without remembering this experience.

When he ground his mouth against hers, she released her hold on the lattice and wrapped her arms around his neck. He shifted until he had her against the tile and rammed himself hard into her until she half-whimpered half-screamed against the side of his face.

Laughing, he shuddered against her.

She remained tangled around him like a human vine, her face buried into the side of his neck, and questioned ever wanting to leave the sanctuary of his arms.

From the back cover...

Nothing bad happens in paradise...or does it? 

Lexi Dubois is in trouble. On Grand Cayman for business, she discovers the company she's been working for is funding a human trafficking ring—and the money trail leads back to her. Scared for her life, she charters a boat for a week to hide from the men on the small island who want her dead and to buy time to find enough evidence to take them down. The last thing she expects—or wants—is a torrid affair with the hot captain and dive master.

Larry Gibbon has been running a charter dive boat operation in Grand Cayman for years. He's seen it all—and done his share of creating havoc. But when a mysterious woman charters his boat for a week—alone—he has no idea what trouble she's bringing aboard.

The ocean is vast and unforgiving, but will Larry's knowledge of the Cayman Islands and Lexi's relentless determination to survive be enough to save them?

**The Wanderlust Series consists of stand-alone adventure romance novels. Occasionally, characters from previous novels may make a cameo, but each story truly does stand on its own merits.

Check out all the books of the Wanderlust Series Here



  1. Very 'steamy' excerpt. Really got my blood pumping. ヅ

  2. I don't think I will ever shower again without thinking of him shuddering inside her...yeowza! xo

  3. She "remained tangled around him like a human vine"--that is the best! Very hot!