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Friday, January 16, 2015

Gotta Love Curvy Girls! #Romance #AuthorInterview

I'm so happy to host Kristabel Reed today for an author interview and a peek at her new release, Princess Curvy: A Curvy Italian Affair. Love, love, love it!

Welcome, Kristabel!  Please tell us a little about yourself—things that aren't necessarily in your official author bio: 

I have a very demanding corgi. If she doesn’t get her “official writing treat” by the time I sit down to write, she gets very upset.

Food of the gods: Pizza and chocolate

Okay, thinking about this and realizing I spend a lot of time writing and making up things. If I didn’t write fiction, I’d be a pathological liar.

I love your honesty! I know what you mean about the pathological liar bit--I'd probably be in a straight jacket talking to my imaginary friends if I didn't write. 
How would you describe your books to a reader who hasn't read your work yet?

Princess Curvy, the 5th in my Curvy Girl series is great fun and I had a blast writing it. The entire Curvy Girl series is my counterpoint to the media’s obsession to ultra skinny. The song, “All about the Bass” came at a very opportune time for me! I feel it reflects what I was trying to get across with the Curvy Girls.

Why write in this particular genre? Do you have any other genres that interest you or is this one your main passion?

I write in multiple genres, but chose this one because a dear friend of mine has a plus size blog (www.sugarplumplus.com) and in talking with her I realized there was a desire for this sort of fun, curvy stories. As a curvy girl myself, I enjoyed writing these heroines. And wonder why I hadn’t before!

I think many women can relate to the curvy girl--or should I say "real woman" persona. As far as the creative process goes, do you have a story idea or a character concept first?

Story idea! Always the story first. I tweak my characters to go with the story and figure out what character will work with, or challenge really, the story concept.

Please tell us about a current work-in-progress (or latest release):

Natalia Dolcini had dusted off an old Italian title to launch her fashion line—Princapessa Natalia for curvy women. A line that made women look sexy, young, and gorgeous. And she loved every minute creating it. She led a charmed life in Milan and knew it.

Until Adam Clayworth waltzed into her life. Infuriatingly handsome, the sexy banker had an old-fashioned charm to him Natalia found hard to resist. So she didn’t. When he asked her for an introduction, she was more than happy to comply—only for it to end in shouts and accusations. Her temper got the best of her when she promptly threw Adam out of her house.

What she hadn’t expected was for that night to bring her into a banking intrigue Adam investigated. Or for Adam to become her lover. But then Adam’s investigation turns dangerous.

Natalia finds it difficult to keep her own heart safe as they race from Milan to Portofino and back again. Will their Italian affair end after the danger does? Or will it be an affair to remember?

Ooo...it sounds so good! As an author, what do you want readers to take away from your stories after they read the words 'the end'?

A couple things: I want them to have enjoyed it, of course! But specifically with the Curvy Series, that no matter what size you are, you are desirable, fun, smart, and can be anything you want to be. You shouldn’t believe you can’t have anything good in your life. Because you can.

What do you do for fun that doesn't involve writing or reading?

Travel. Not to exotic far off places, though I want to. But to the beach or the mountains; I like walking along the different areas and exploring. Then the normal things: family, playing with the dog, museums (I love museums!), friends.

What is the most adventurous thing you have done either personally or professionally?

I’ve been parasailing in St. Maarten (awesome fun!) and took an unescorted tour in Western China on a train that most westerners don’t get to experience. It was an experience, let me tell you!

That last one sounds like a story in the making! Good for you. Let's take a look inside Princess Curvy...


She’d left early. Natalia had ignored the shocked and somewhat knowing look Violet had given her when she’d announced her departure. She’d flat-out ignored Gina as her American assistant asked if she had a hot date.
Because she wasn’t leaving early to get ready for said definitely-not-a-date. She was leaving early because her mind had been nowhere near her designs or budgets or production. Natalia was angry with herself.
She’d done all the dinner party preparations, calling in Piero, a local chef she used from time to time, to do the actual cooking. Carlotta was many things, but a fine dining cook was definitely not one of them. Mostly, Natalia had wondered why she’d chickened out. Chickened out? Was that the right term?
Yes, she’d heard Gina use that phrase. It was correct. Mostly. She wouldn’t have done that before, not with a man she was attracted to. A man she wanted in her bed.
Now, standing in front of her wardrobe, Natalia cursed herself for pulling back.
Her entire life, she’d railed against women not feeling good about their bodies. Her line was especially designed for women with curves, to make them feel sexy and confident.
Turning for the mirrors, she glared at herself even as she ran her hands over her full hips. She loved her curves, her voluptuous breasts and wide hips. Confident and sexy, yes, but more she was comfortable in her own skin, with her body.
This was Italy and she knew her body was appreciated in the usual Italian ways—pinched and whistled at. She was amazed she wasn’t black and blue all the time. Other cultures thought it sexist, and Natalia admitted it was, but…
But what? She was more than attracted to Adam. The dark eyes that took her breath away, the way he watched her, so mysterious and yet knowing. They held secrets, ones she wanted to slowly unwrap, layer by layer. They also told a story, one Natalia had been shocked to discover she’d also wanted to know.
He probably looked at everyone that way, watching them from an aloof stance at the corner of the room. Yes, that description fit him perfectly. Fit Adam and intrigued her. He was so utterly different from her—the reserved British man who definitely held all his secrets closely to his chest.
And she was the complete opposite. Bold and brash, with no true secrets, open for all the world to see. And, normally, very sexual. Except, apparently, when it came to Adam. Natalia couldn’t believe she’d backed away from him in her showroom. She hadn’t joined in the dance he’d started and that still shocked her.
Natalia prided herself on flirting with the best of them. Apparently not Adam Clayworth.
And that needed to change.

Keep reading! Buy it now!

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