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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Seizing the Day! #CarpeDiem #inspiration #suicideprevention

Today I'm doing something different by writing about conformity as a tribute to one of the most brilliant artists of our time, Robin Williams, a man who truly walked his own path.

Conformity is the death of creativity. It kills passion and suffocates individuality. Perhaps it is one reason why people fall into the "land of the living dead," merely existing day-to-day and settling for less than extraordinary.

 ...settle for the guy who doesn't respect us because it beats being alone...
 ...settle for the job that we know is slowly killing our souls because it is the safest path..
 ...settle for a life of hiding our brilliant light because it may make us stand out too much...
 ...settle for a boring sex life because we don't want to appear to wanton...
...settle for the status quo because going our own way is just too damn scary...

 Well, to hell with that! Shake off those cobwebs of mediocrity and embrace the magic of the world around you before it's too late.

 ...embrace the moment of watching a butterfly flit through the air without worrying about time... ...embrace all that makes you unique without once thinking about what someone will think... ...embrace the quirks about your lover that you fell in love with and overlook the small stuff... ...embrace today because tomorrow is not guaranteed...
 ...embrace those dreams you've brushed aside...

Reject conformity and find your own niche.

Before writing today's post, I thought about the word "Muse" in connection with Robin Williams. The man always seemed fueled by a higher power, an energy outside of himself that moved at the speed of light and drove him to create characters that will live in our hearts forever. He didn't conform to any stereotype and that freedom made magic.

Depression is insidious, however. It shows no mercy or discrimination. It hides behind the most brilliant smiles and the sheen of success. It is a disease that exists behind closed doors and silence. I hold out hope for a world that shows more compassion toward one another and less judgment, a world where it's okay to not be perfect, and a world where we practice acceptance of one another's imperfections rather than rejection for not fitting a certain mold. Yes, I truly hold out hope, yet sometimes it feels like I'm holding a candle in a hurricane.

Rest in peace, Oh Captain, My Captain! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.
Amber Lea Easton

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