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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Stop. Breathe. Open your mind to new experiences. Be amazed. #inspiration

Last week my friend Gail asked me to attend a "sound bath" with her for the Winter Solstice. I had no idea what that was and nearly canceled because I felt lazy, but agreed to go anyway. Wow, am I happy that I did!

I found myself in a space with welcoming people surrounded by crystal bowls, candles, chimes, and drums. We were told to grab a blanket and lay on the floor, simply to clear our minds of troubling thoughts, set our intentions for the new year, and let the sounds vibrate through us. Sounds simple enough, right?

I set my intentions for an easier and joyous 2014, sighed, and listened. Music inundated my entire body. From the feeling of the drums reverberating against the floor beneath me, the vibration of the gong trickling over my skin, and the song of crystal bowls filling my ears, I could do nothing but surrender to sensation.

My mind cleared of all worry. The present moment was too sweet not to savor. I felt a release of the tension I'd carried into the room with me. Peace and bliss filled my heart.

And I nearly didn't go…what an experience I would have passed because of laziness and ignorance.

How many times do we hear of something out of our realm of knowledge so we brush it off as silly or foolish or something we would never be interested in because it's so far removed from our 'normal'? How sad is that?

I've gotten much better at trying new things over the past years, but there are still things that simply feel too uncomfortable to try. Like the sound bath. When I first heard the words, my immediate thoughts were along the lines of "a what?"…"sounds kind of froo-froo""or woo-woo""what will they want from me in return?"…"will this be too weird even for me?" But I went. It was definitely out of my comfort zone.

I've decided that the words 'comfort zone' are actually code for 'trap'. We stop growing emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually when we stop learning. Routines can become an endless loop like on the movie Groundhog's Day when nothing new ever happens and the same thing repeats every day. Sounds like a slow and excruciating death to me. I don't know about you, but I look at the rest of my life and see many years ahead of me. I'd rather spend them growing rather than dying.

So I am trying new things even when that voice in my head groans in protest and attempts to label it. Why not? If I don't like it, I won't do it again. However, if it lights me up and makes me feel like an explorer of possibility--which is how I felt after leaving the sound bath--then how great is that?

I encourage you all to try something new, no matter how strange it seems, and to go into it with an open mind free of judgement. Who knows what you'll discover about yourself and the world beyond your comfort zone?

Here's a YouTube video of singing crystal bowls so you can get a taste of what I experienced. I looked through several and none were exactly like the sound bath I enjoyed, but this is close. We had chimes, a flute, and drums, too. Before you listen…stop…breathe…set an intention…and open your mind.