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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fairy tales--Red Gone Bad--NOT the watered down versions--via Lucy Pireel

I'm so excited! Today I'm hosting author Lucy Pireel who's talking about fairy tales, the gritty kind as opposed to the the Disney versions. LOVE IT! Please welcome her. 

Fairy Tales by Lucy Pireel

In the old days when most people couldn't read or write stories were told and passed on from generation to generation. Mostly they had a message to make people do something in a certain way, or scare them into not doing things. Think sitting in a hut around the fire, your eyes are burning from the open fire in the pit and scary shadows on the walls from the flames play tricks on your mind. Folktales. The foundation of fairy tales. 

When the first fairy tales were written down by, for example the Grimm brothers, they weren't the lovey dovey Disney stories most people read to their children. Oh no! They were every bit as gruesome as they possibly could be. Do this and you come to a terrible end, do that and you'll loose what's most dear to you, and so on and so further. Great! Isn't it?

And the best thing is, kids really like to be scared witless. :-) They do, even the kids in modern days! It's the parents who have gone soft and pamper the kids. Come on people, think back to when you were young, didn't you secretly loved being scared out of your mind and then laughed till you cried when it was just your little brother under the bed?

Anyway, these days stories, or rather fairy tales, aren't used anymore as a guide through life but as fluff, and the worst thing? The original stories have gone from being a life lesson to hot air balloons. 

Don't believe me? Read the original Rumpelstiltskin as collected by the Brothers Grimm. Or the original Cinderella as penned down by Perrault.
Free download from Project Gutenberg (Rumpelstilskin) and Cinderella
And then try to see if you recognise any of the warning elements int their modern day 'soft' versions.

To me the old school, original gruesome ones rule! I love the way how people in the old days just were scaring each other off by telling horrible stories. And horrible as in what happened to the main characters, the stories were and still are great!

Red Gone Bad

A collection of twisted fairy tales
Little Red Riding Hood finally takes her life into a direction which suits her, but not so much her friends, nor the wolf.
The miller's daughter tries to strike a deal with Rumpelstiltskin, but forgets one detail.
Snow White is as black as night.
And Cinderella cleans house in a most definite way.
If you like to read stories in which the twists keep you on the edge of your seat and heroines get what they deserve, you might just like this anthology.
Here's what a reviewer had to say about this book.

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ITunes http://itun.es/i6DW8YP

Short Bio 
Lucy is an avid reader and writer. She has been traditionally published and now self-publishes her collections of short stories while working on her full length novel.
She lives in the UK where she grows tomatoes and teaches yoga. 
When she's not writing or reading she's probably walking the neighbour's dog or tries to create something in the kitchen.
"Life's too short to be grumpy, so take the good and forget about the bad."

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  1. Thanks Amber, for letting me climb on my soapbox and yap about my love for fairy tales.
    The post looks great! *zooming off to share, share, share!*

  2. Thanks Lucy for your take on Fairy Tales.Great fun. You might want to correct your twitter link though. xxx Hugs xxx

  3. Fairy Tales are so ripe for re-imagining! All the best of luck to Lucy.