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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thank you, 2011!

Last January, I wasn't in a good place.  Over Christmas 2010, I'd been told by a family member how useless my pursuit of writing was, how my life as a widowed mom was a huge disappointment, how I hadn't "moved on" (still don't exactly know what the hell that means) and that I'd essentially wasted my talent.  Needless to say, last Christmas sucked.

I felt broken at the beginning of 2011.  Even after Sean's death, I hadn't felt shattered like that.  But I kept writing, hoping and getting up every morning.  Tears flowed without effort--like my eyes were constantly watering.

I attempted dating, but he turned out to be a stalker.  True story.  When I confronted him about his appearing everywhere even though he lived across the city, he justified it by saying he had "trust issues."  Well, that's one word for it.  I prefer the word "insanity" to describe his issues, but that's just me.

And, in all fairness to the male population, my 'attempt' at dating was half-hearted at best.  My career took priority.

Financially, the pressure was on.  Things were unraveling.  By the spring of 2011, I felt beaten down and scared.  My confidence hit new lows.  It took every ounce of faith I had to keep hoping, dreaming, laughing and writing.

But then it all turned around--slowly.

With the summer came a book deal and fun visitors. Everything clicked into place. Kiss Me Slowly released with great reviews.  My other books got the green light for 2012 release dates...there's a plan to meet old college friends in Chicago...Mardi Gras looks like a plan, too...2012 looks FUN! Yeah, things are definitely going my way right now and I couldn't be happier.

It's amazing what changes a year can bring.  Last Christmas, anxiety fueled my days.  This year, joy does.  What did I do to create this new tide?  I kept the faith.  I never gave up.  I believed in dreams coming true.

Thank you, 2011, for your twists and turns.  Thank you, 2011, for showing me which people to release and bringing me new ones who brighten my days.  Thank you, 2011, for elevating me to this level of joy and satisfaction.  Thank you, 2011, for showing me that all things are possible.

I embrace 2012 with open arms and a laugh!  Bring it on!  Can it get any better than this, 2012?  The answer is...yes.

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