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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Plus One

Tonight--or maybe I should say this morning since it's 3:45 AM--I'm sitting at my desk feeling pretty good about life. I had dinner with a sweet friend earlier in the evening--or last night if you want to be technical about it, but I haven't slept yet--and we started talking about love.

Being the guru of all things (uh-hem, yes, that's me), I tried to convince her that love is a true thing.  You see, she doesn't believe in it.

It's not like we were talking about Santa or the Tooth Fairy.  We were talking about love.  Pure.  Simple.  Heartbreaking.  Euphoric.  Love.

I think it's sad when people talk about settling for something comfortable even though it makes them lonely on a deep level.  My heart breaks when I hear someone saying how love isn't "for everyone" and that only "lucky people" find it.  That's not true.  Every single one of us is born to love.  I honestly believe this to be true.

We all have an amazing capacity for love, but hurt starts to build shields around us, layers of mistrust block our inner radiance and a wall goes up around our heart.  If you want love in your life, you need to look at why you've built that wall and start ripping it down yourself.  It might be painful, but it's preferable to settling for mediocre when you're meant for extraordinary.

Love is here for all of us.  We were put on this planet to love--love ourselves, the planet, our families, our neighbors and, yes, a life partner.

I would rather be single for years than settle for someone just to have a plus one.  Not only would that be unfair to me, it would be unfair for the other person who isn't being loved as wholly as he deserves.  Compromising your soul's desire for a big love will only bring heartache and loneliness down the road.

Yes, love is for everyone not just a chosen few.  You'll know it when you find it--trust me.  I've had it once before and know it feels like euphoria.  Hold on--hold out--keep the faith--open your heart--rip down those walls--trust yourself--love yourself--and it'll all be okay.  Trust me.
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