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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Out of many, One

I'm going to deviate somewhat from the norm for this post because, earlier today, I became involved in a discussion that sparked something deep within me.  A simple discussion about the term "In God We Trust" turned into a conversation about political correctness, racism and political division.  (Yeah, I know...don't worry, I'm not going to repeat all of that.)  I'm thankful for differing points of view for this reason:  they always lead somewhere fascinating.

What would life be without labels?  If I wasn't called a Democrat, Lutheran, white woman, American...how would you relate to me?

I firmly believe with 100% of my being that we as humans all want the same things in life--love, prosperity, security, joy, equality, respect, freedom--regardless of our politics, nationality, race, religion or non-religion, economics, or geographical location.

Oneness is our nature, yet we often fight it by looking for differences that divide.  We seem to enjoy lumping people into a group so that we know how to judge them.  Why is this?  Is it because we need to feel better or smarter than someone else?  Why is that?  Are you really being authentic if you need to put down another to elevate yourself?  Why do we need to judge each other when we are all seeking the same fundamental things in life?  Why do we condemn each other for our opinions when we live in a nation that says we are all entitled to be different?  Why must we hide behind religion instead of simply acting God-like?

Do any of the following sentences strike a chord within you, either of "oh hell ya" or "that hurts"?

"Those liberals are all socialists."

"Tea Partiers are all nut-jobs."

"Women can't do what men can."

"The people in the Mid-West are ignorant."

"All Californians are pot smoking hippies."

"New Yorkers are all nasty."

"That homeless guy deserves where he's at and isn't my problem."

"Removing the phrase In God We Trust from our currency is removing God from the country."

"Homosexuals want to destroy marriage."

"All Muslims are terrorists."

"Religion is for the weak minded."

Are you getting my point?  None of the above sentences are accurate.  Any generalization is a form of judgment, of discrimination and is wrong.  Stereotypes are ignorant.  Extreme thinking--black or white, all or nothing, you versus me, us versus them--is terrifying.

We are all one.  Strip the labels away, remove the borders, silence the sound-bites and you'll see that we are all more alike than not.  We all share the same sun...the same moon...the same earth.  We all want love, happiness, respect, prosperity, security and peace.  We all want to see our dreams come true.  Whether you believe in God or not, we are all free to believe whatever makes us feel at peace.  We are all one.

If, after reading this, your first thought is that I'm just some liberal, peace-loving, stupid blonde, then I want to say to you...I wish you only peace, love and joy anyway.


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