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Friday, August 12, 2011

Saying no to CNN

For about a year now--maybe longer--I've been on this kick of consciously choosing what I put into my mind.  I choose what I watch on television, listen to on the radio, and read.  I also choose the people I spend time with by avoiding all energy suckers and jerks.  I choose how I spend my time and make no apologies for how I spend it.  And, despite this blog that seems to tell all, I also choose what I allow people to know.  (Only a few people get to see the wizard behind the curtain.) 

Maybe this seems like a no-brainer to some of you, but let me ask you this:  Do you watch the news just because you want noise in the house and get caught up in trials of strangers in far away places? Do you find yourself getting all fired up over situations a world away that have no bearing on your life?  WHY?  Why expose yourself to anger, frustration or fear on purpose?

Choice is a powerful freedom that we all have.  If you can choose to shut out the negative noise in your life and feed yourself with positive experiences, why don't you?

I am not advocating ignorance.  That would be...well...ignorant.  Instead I am saying that we need to protect ourselves from being inundated with madness.  Just like we have the ability to choose the food we eat, we also have the ability to choose what information we allow into our minds.  Managing our own lives--and our health--is more important than what Palin is doing on her bus.  (Trust me--a truer sentence has never been written.)

The next time you find yourself watching the news out of habit or boredom, take a minute to gauge how it's making you feel.  Are you going to take that feeling with you when you attend your child's basketball game?  Is that anxious feeling going to stick with you when you try to sleep at night?  Why? Why do that to yourself when you don't need to?

Choosing my exposure to the news--and what kind of news I read or hear--has elevated my mood.  I feel free.  I am in control. I am living on purpose.  Shouldn't we be in control of ourselves?

Go on a mental cleanse for a week.  Wash your mind out with joy and fun.  Force it, if you need to, but try it. Turn off the talk radio and listen to your iPod.  Seek joy!

No, I am not a Pollyanna.  I am not advocating a Hide-Your-Head-In-The-Sand-And-Pretend-All-Is-Perfect mindset.  I am advocating freedom to turn off the constant flow of news and choose something uplifting or fun instead.  Why not?  If you're afraid that it will make you stupid if you cut off the 24/7 news flow, then...well...enough said.

Self-worth is more important than net-worth.  Invest in yourself.  Take your power back.  Choose to look for the positive instead of being mired in the negative. Who knows?  Maybe you'll realize that you're not a grumpy SOB after all! (and maybe you'll realize there's more good in the world than is being reported on CNN.)


  1. Sage wisdom as always, Amber!

  2. I agree the news can utterly pollute the mind, and damage the soul.

    I don't read or watch as much of it lately. They always report the same thing, the negative, negative, negative!

    How many times are you getting ready to eat dinner, with the TV on in the background, and the first story you hear is. "Man found dead on the corner of such and such street?" (Remember the news I get is NYC, NJ., or Philadelphia.) Total sensationalism.

    It is insane, Amber. If I was you, instead of tuning into the media, I think I would much rather stare at that picturesque mountain up top, behind the wine goblet. What a fabulous view.

    What I do when I need to escape, (Sssh, don't tell anyone), is take a bottle of wine with me and take long walks on the beach late at night, when no one is around.

    This for me is a form of therapy, gives me time to reflect, piece my life together.

    I will stare at the sea, with the moon and stars twinkling above, and think of all of the history that had taken place. How many ships had traveled upon the Atlantic.