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Moxie Girl Musings is about starting over from square one after tragedy impacted my young family. It's filled with stories of triumph, struggle, snafus, hopes, and dreams. Sometimes there will be features from other writers that I like and every so often I'll include an original short story, but normally I simply write what's on my mind at the time. Welcome to my unfiltered true-life story as I figure out this thing called life. http://www.amberleaeaston.com

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I set a deadline for myself that is rapidly approaching.  I'm a writer...I work best with a deadline, an end point where I can say "finished" and move on with life.  But this deadline is different.  It is both scary and exciting.  It is rich with possibility and angst.

My decision will change the course of my life and the life of my children.  For better, I wonder?  Is the risk too great?

So I hike.  I sit.  I listen.
Waiting for an answer is not a bad thing.  Society loses patience with those of us who wait.  What are you waiting for? Well, we wait because it's what best for us in this moment.  We wait to heal after a trauma, to honor those we mourn, to figure out the best way to start over, to come to peace with our doubts, to grow spiritually, to be confident no matter the outcome.  We wait.  A butterfly does not exist without waiting in the darkness of a chrysalis for its wings to grow. 
But eventually waiting no longer feels right.  Restlessness takes over and we know it is time to act. Time to go.

I hike.  I sit. I listen. 

When my deadline arrives, I will know and I will act.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I'm hoping you find the answers you're looking for and your deadline brings you closer to the happiness you deserve. {{HUGS}}