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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Let me do yoga!

I am sick of triathletes.  I don't care if someone wants to be one, but I am sick to death of hearing about it as if I should be impressed.  I'm not.  Maybe I would be if you had one leg or if it wasn't the current trend.  I prefer going to bed at 4AM  rather than getting up at that time to put on a wetsuit to swim a few miles.  That's my choice and it's right for me.  Get over it.

Perhaps it's the woman's mid-life crisis that pushes us to do things we never wanted to do 20 years ago.  Maybe it's seeing our children growing into adults that makes us desperate to be young again.  Where men buy sports cars or seek out younger women, we get botox and look at younger men.  And that's fine, really.  I am not against change, especially if it enhances my life.  I am 100% pro-health and reinvention. Believe me, I exercise, watch what I eat and buy anti-aging lotions like most Americans.  But does it make me a slug because I don't care to compete with the girls next door over something that I could care less about?  No. 

I see more and more women my age trying to be something they aren't in the name of change or renewal.  Slap a label on it and become part of a movement.  Go ahead, everyone's doing it.  Meanwhile, I see judgment toward anyone who doesn't participate in the madness or--gasp--enjoys a cocktail or two.  That's what bothers me.  The pointing of fingers, gnashing of teeth and whispering behind backs about anyone who is walking a different path.  It is never ending.  Didn't high school end a few decades ago?  I swear I remember graduating in 1986. 

As 40-something year old women, I believe we are above this competition with one another.  Life is much more profound than the size of our jeans, the job we have, the food we eat, our marital status, the car we drive, the trips we take or the type of exercise we enjoy.  If you're happy getting up at 4AM to ride your bike, swim in a lake and run several miles, then that's great.  Enjoy.  But don't judge me for being happy eating pasta, stargazing almost every night, going to bed at 4AM and having zero interest in your sport of choice.

Everyone has their own thing, or at least I hope it's their own thing and not simply the latest fad that lets them blend into a group.  When we fade into the illusion of group approval, we lose the precious commodity of our individuality.  How boring is that?  Personally, I choose not to run my life via committee approval. 

As Sheryl Crow sings, "If it makes you happy, it can't be that bad."  Do what makes you happy, but don't judge someone else for finding happiness elsewhere.  The world has plenty of room for morning people, night people, triathletes, couch potatoes, vegetarians and carnivores.  As for me, I will choose the yoga mat over the bike every day because that is what makes me happy.  If that doesn't meet your 'status approval', then kiss my downward facing dog and go jump in a lake. 

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