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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rejecting normal

Confession:  I am an obsessive eavesdropper.  I am able to pinpoint my hearing in the noisiest of places when I pick up on something interesting.  Eavesdropping is fun and often educational.  I like to call it a hobby so it sounds less creepy.

The other day I was in a cafe in Evergreen where a local artist talked animatedly with another woman.  As I loitered over a muffin choice, I honed my superior skills to pick up a bit of their conversation.  She told her companion that the key to being a successful artist--writer, sculptor, actor, painter, etc.---was to reject all of society's rules as to what is possible. With an elaborate slash of her hands through the air, she said, "just plain out disagree with anyone who tells you that what you want is impossible, just reject them then and there."

Her words rang true and spoke to my heart.  To be an artist--to break free of any kind of stereotype or limitation--a person needs to scream 'NO' to the world's ideas of normal and 'YES' to possibility.  How many times have I heard someone tell me that what I wanted was impossible?  How many times have I had someone roll their eyes or sigh when I speak of my dreams?  Too many to count.

People in general get bogged down by the ideas of normal and appropriate that keep us thinking inside a box or make us feel we are on a leash.  Smash out of the box, toss aside the leash and question the definitions of those words.

What is normal and appropriate and who told you to believe that?  Does that definition work for you or does it create frustration in your daily life?  Are those definitions still true for you today?  Personally, what I believed to be normal and appropriate is vastly different today then it was a decade ago.  And what is normal and appropriate for me is not the same for most.

Normal is a boring word, isn't it?  Say it out loud.  It even sounds boring.  Why would any of us want to be defined by boredom?

When we make a conscious choice to disagree with the phantom 'they' who set 'limits' on how to live our lives, we open up a door to vast possibility.   Freedom is the ability to choose our thoughts and our actions.  I embrace my freedom to write, eavesdrop, ignore the phone, cry, yell, waste time, play with my dogs, exercise, call a friend, work, redecorate my home and do what is right for me in each moment.

I reject limitations.  I scream "NO" to anyone who tries to hold me back.  I say "YES" to all the possibilities rolling my way.


  1. Sounds like you need to pick up Seth Godin's latest book, Linchpin: Are you indispensable? The world no longer needs (or rewards) "cogs," according to Godin. Instead we need "talented artists" who are indispensable in their jobs and to their families. If you haven't already read it, I highly recommend picking it up.

  2. I will definitely pick that book up, Mike. Thanks for the recommendation. Although I haven't read that one, I have read a lot of Eric Maisel's books on creativity and the artist's mind. Very inspiring reads.

    Thanks again!