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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stars in My Eyes

There are certain people in my life that I return to over and over, despite distance or time or a disagreement.  It's like they have a gravitational pull that cannot be resisted.  No matter what, we eventually end up back in each other's orbit.

The intimacies of friendship intrigue me.  I have a friend who I have known since kindergarten.  Over the course of our 41 years on this planet, we have experienced first heart break together, dragged each other from college parties, and watched each other get married.  She stood beside me as I scattered my husband's ashes to the wind.  I listened to her cry after her divorce.  And then we had a few years where we went our separate ways and didn't speak for many months.  But like the moon's effect on the tide, we are once again in rhythm.  

I recently spoke with a Lakota native who talked about the star pattern on a quilt she had made.  She said that the Lakota believe we are the middle star after we pass away, with three stars in front of us representing three generations ahead and three stars after us being three generations yet to come.  I realize that the Lakota woman was speaking more about relatives than friendships, but the concept touched my heart.  It made me think of the people who are in my life now, those who I have let go and those I have yet to know.

To me, friends are like family.  In a way, I often believe my friends know me better than my family.  I believe it was a line from 'Grey's Anatomy' that said that as we grow up and move in the world, we choose our own tribe.

Breaking gravitational pull from the more negative people isn't quite as easy to navigate, but that's a story for another blog post on another day.  I'll call that one, "caught in an astroid shower"; but for now let's celebrate all the stars in our lives, the ones who shine in the darkness and bring us hope when we feel lost in space, the stars who guide us to the place we feel safe.
                                                    Lakota Star blanket taken from starquilts.com/starborn.htm

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  1. Amber... you're definitely one of the bright stars in my sky. :-)