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Monday, February 15, 2010

Showing Up

Words are meaningless without action to back them up.  Intent is worthless without follow-through.  I can have a million story ideas, but they mean nothing if I don't sit down at the computer and write.  Showing up, being present, is undervalued.  

Too many people are all talk and the result is disappointment.  Disappointment not only in themselves, but the disappointment they create in others.  I am an advocate of saying what you mean--only what you mean--and promising only what you fully intend to deliver.  When I say I will be some place, I will be there.  You can count on it.  If a friend sends me a personal email, I reply.  If someone leaves me a message, I get back to them when I can.  That is how I am.  So maybe this idea of showing up is a pet peeve of mine.  

I had this talk with my daughter when she refused to go to swim team practice.  She is a perfectionist who is competitive with herself over improving her times and strokes, yet she doesn't want to practice.  I told her that showing up at practice is part of the deal.  Show up, practice, compete. We talked about commitment, about walking your talk and showing up not only for herself, but for her team as well.  I can't blame her and won't.  We've all been 13 before...even if it was a long, long time ago.  I know adults who have problems showing up in their own lives.

With parenting, there are times I wish I were far away from the present, moments when I simply don't want to show up, when I am tired or annoyed or overwhelmed or preoccupied.  But I show up anyway.  That's the deal.  

Maybe I am too black and white on this subject, but I think that in any relationship we all have an obligation to show up, to be present, to acknowledge that we care.   Whether we are working for someone, dating someone, going to school, consoling someone, running our own business, participating on a team, writing a blog post, being in a long distance friendship or meeting a friend for dinner, we need to show up.  

Life is not a party of one.  Thank God.  Can you imagine how lonely it would be if no one showed up...ever?  

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  1. What is it with the culture anymore that people seem to fall off the face of the earth? If a commitment is made, see it through.
    Amber, I applaud you for your sensitivity in this area, and to show up in those arenas where your kids have made a commitment too; even when a zillion other more fascinating pursuits stare you in the face, seemingly saying, "pick me, pick me."
    In my book, that's called a class act! You continue to inspire, and own it. Very cool.