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Monday, February 1, 2010

Huh? What?

This is the age of distraction.  Between Facebook, Twitter, iPhone gadgets, Wii, and other distractions that are too numerous to name, it's amazing I get any work done at all.  And sometimes I don't.  

As the Queen of Avoidance, I prefer planting virtual pineapple on my virtual island on Facebook instead of paying bills or cleaning my house.  Even if I really don't care about what people are doing every second of the day, I log into Facebook and find myself liking people's status about making cupcakes when I could be...well, making cupcakes myself. And this is a problem.  

Let me say that I love my games and distractions as much as anyone; but I have realized how all of these technological advances have affected my life.  I used to spend more time outside.  To entertain the kids, I would take them bike riding or to the park.  I was active.  My family was active.  Now...although we always seem to be busy...it simply isn't the same.  

I am too connected to the world at large.  I miss the days when I would leave the house and no one could get in touch with me until I arrived home.  If there was an emergency, by some miracle I could always be found.  My life functioned very well without email, social networking, text messaging or cell phones.  Now I am compulsive about checking messages and nearly have a panic attack if I forget my phone at home.  

There is something wrong with that.  Somewhere along the line I became a slave to technology instead of being the master of my own time.  This technology is supposed to make life easier--and it does--but there is a point where the ease becomes an easy way out of actually living life.  Life is messy.  Technology is sleek.  The temptation is clear and understandable.  

I need to unplug for awhile, even if it is one day a week without any technological distractions.  No texting (I'm already chewing my knuckles with that idea).  No checking Facebook.  No tweeting!  I can do it.  One day to play outside or play air hockey with the kids---face-to-face interaction only.  So that is what I am going to do.  I am going to pick one day every week to go off the grid.  Maybe I'll bump it up to two days a week--an entire weekend---where the only people who talk to me are the people making eye-contact with me.  

Wow.  Lofty goals, I have.  I had better tweet this!  Where's my phone?  


  1. I find it rather amusing that people don't 'get' that I don't use a cell phone (although I do have one under wraps for real 911 emergencies) – and that doesn't mean calling ahead for Chinese.

    It seems you're starting to get it.

    Now with that said, you should check out storypassers.com -- :oP


  2. Well, I totally get it. It's always oddly liberating to go an entire day without turning on my computer....but it's extremely rare since I work daily on it! But, I think it's important to "drop off" sometimes....and just....be.

    No pressure, no dinging, beeping or tweets.