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Friday, October 30, 2009

Leaping from the Edge

I am standing on the edge of my life about to take a leap of faith. The wind of possibility is whispering in my ear saying "go...go now...your dream is yours for the taking."

There have been many new beginnings in my life, but few have felt so damn good as this one. I am superstitious so won't go into too much detail for fear of the dreaded jinx. Don't laugh. Jinxes exist!

In the past few years I have gone on a spiritual journey, some of which has touched on the idea of manifesting my intentions and goals. Whenever I read about manifesting, the consensus is the same. Keep the energy focused on the outcome and do not breathe a word of it to anyone else. I completely buy into this concept of keeping this good energy focused on my goal. I know too many energy suckers who live for the moment of seeing my face flip-flop from glee to glum.

I am sure everyone has at least one person in their lives who feels the need to be a "voice of reason" or the "responsible one". This nay-sayer stamps the jinx on dreams and opportunities. The jinx-giver relishes in holding a dreamer back from the edge, relishes in mocking someone who dares reach further than he/she has ever dared, relishes in maintaining the status-quo and relishes in sucking that good energy from an opportunity. Jinxes exist...but they are human beings not phantom curses.

Well, to them I say..."so long, energy suckers!" I am sprinting toward the edge, leaping over it, and laughing at the sky just for the hell of it. Exhilarating.

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