Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Love Worth Risking Everything For #ScintillatingSunday #RomanceNovels

In Between responsibilities and dreams exists a love worth that scorches everything in its path--including all those safe little expectations that once seemed so important. 
In Between, Book One of the Dancing Barefoot Series

Welcome to the Scintillating Sunday blog hop where multiple authors share scintillating excerpts of their work. Today we're looking at In Between...


Lights from the street illuminated the room just enough for her to indulge in a beautiful view of his naked body. Hair a complete mess from her hands and muscles highlighted by streetlights and shadow, Jacques Sinclair was definitely gorgeous.

Hugging her knees to her chest amidst the discarded clothes on the bare mattress, she grinned when he sat next to her and handed her the open bottle.

"What are you smiling about?" He kissed her knee.

"Ways to keep you naked."

"Maybe we should have a nudity policy whenever we are in your apartment."

Her iPhone's ring broke through the silence of the room from where she'd dropped it beside the door. Laughter faded while she debated answering. She knew who it was and knew the right thing to do; she simply didn't want to do it.

Jacques looked toward the ringing. "Is that your boyfriend from the States? Are we having an illicit affair?"

She looked at him then, wine bottle propped between them, and shook her head 'no.' Heart heavier than it had been moments ago, she touched his face with her fingertips. For the next four months this was home and nothing else mattered. 


In between responsibilities and dreams...

Jessica Moriarty has always played by the rules, but for once in her life, she's doing exactly as she pleases. In between graduate school and 'real life', she's in Florence, Italy, indulging her love of art and abandoning inhibitions.

Meeting Jacques Sinclair rocks her off center. Whereas rules and living up to expectations have dictated her life, he is the opposite. A rebel. A photographer. A man who lives for the moment. He sweeps her up into a riveting romance that makes her question all she's ever believed to be true.

The drum of old commitments echo through her heart as time ticks away. Will the crush of 'real life' undermine the love she's found in between...?

***This is book one of the two part Dancing Barefoot series.***

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Fighting for Love and Justice #RomanticSuspense #Military #ScintillatingSunday

He's a wounded Marine finding it hard to come home again, she's the wife who won't give up on him, both are locked in a battle for love and justice...
Reckless Endangerment
Welcome to the Scintillating Sunday Blog Hop where multiple authors share experts of their books--8 paragraphs ONLY that capture the word 'scintillating.' 

“Do not ever tell me again what you are not.” Fingers pulled at his hair. “I know what you are.”
“I don’t want to disappoint you anymore.” The words scraped like fishhooks pulling on the inside of his throat.

“We can be whatever we want, do whatever we want, however we want.” She kissed him then as if the world were ending around them, as if the bombs were exploding again and they were hiding in the back of Marishka’s house shrouded in darkness and surrounded by chaos. 

His hands curved over her ass with a will of their own and pressed her close. He deepened the kiss, needing her warmth and passion more than he had needed any therapy—physical or otherwise. 

 “I feel like we’re breaking all the rules,” she whispered into his open mouth.

“What rules?”  His tongue flicked over her lips.  “We’re just making this up as we go.”

“Can you feel it, Michael? Can you feel that heat?”

Oh, he could feel the heat. 


Sometimes heroes fall and take their loved ones down with them. 

Colonel Michael Cedars and reporter Hope Shane fell in love in a warzone, but then the world blew up and splintered their lives in two.

Coming home again isn't always easy. 

A Marine accustomed to giving orders, Michael struggles to find his role in civilian life. Wounded, he faces new battles as he learns to walk again, struggles with wartime ghosts, and questions his abilities as a husband.

A love worth fighting for. 

Hope doesn't give up—not on the man she loves and not on her pursuit of justice. An investigative reporter, she's hot on the trail of a human trafficking ring. Danger intensifies as she gets closer to the truth, but the human traffickers know her weakness. 

Will Michael become her Achilles Heel? Is he still the hero she married or has he become a liability that could get them both killed?